Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Unnecessary baby items

top unnecessary baby items

So. You're pregnant, your mind is racing! You just want to register and buy EVERYTHING! (because its cute or someone suggested it) but here are my suggestions for moms that don't like to waste their money time.

I was really touched that one of my friends, who is a expecting her first little one, reached out to me and told me that she took the wipe warmer off her registry after reading my post on Things no one tells you when you're pregnant, found here

So I decided to let you know about some of the most unnecessary things that first time moms make the mistake of putting on their registry (& later realize they really didn't need any of that)

I'm definitely not a mama guru or anything like that, but I've learned a lot (& quickly) about what was beneficial and what was not.

Baby Wipe Warmer

You are not always going to have a warm wipe to clean your baby's bum. 
SO. UNNECESSARY. I have never had my baby scream in the middle of the night because the wipe was cold...I think it's a myth put out by the wipe warmer companies.

Newborn Outfits
You will get so many newborn & 0-3 month outfits it will overwhelm you!
Skip putting these on your registry. I promise you will be gifted them.
People love buying teeny tiny outfits because, lets face it, they look so much cuter than 12 month outfits. When it comes to clothes, people tend to shop off the registry (i.e they buy what THEY think is cute). 
So rather than being annoyed be a gracious receiver and put your baby in the outfits your friends and family gift you and avoid being mad that the outfits you put so much thought and effort into weren't purchased.

p.s. Those super cute outfits are even cuter on a crawling baby 

Also, I'm not saying you won't NEED newborn clothing, because yes you will, but you don't need to register for them #justtobeclear 

*also here's a quote from one of my friends.
 "I had a ton of newborn clothes and was told to wash them in preparation to be ready - and - he never fit in newborn clothes!!"


                     Formula Maker

For the parents that decide to go with formula, the temptation to get a formula maker is strong.
Hey you have a Keurig, why not get a formula maker?
Save that money, those things can run you around $200! And if you read the Amazon reviews, they're not great. There are many issues! Formula clogging the filter and ultimately wasting valuable (& expensive!) formula. 

Here's what you should do instead. 
Mr. Pepper bought plastic containers like these and makes one batch of formula for the entire day. 
Easy. Convenient. Inexpensive.

Fancy Baby Bathtub
This one I unfortunately learned on my own. I registered for the Blooming Bath Baby Bathtub because in all honesty it's just a really cute idea, but it was useless. It offers zero support, the petals soak up all the warm water so your sweet little baby is sitting in a cold wet sponge.

Yes, you do need a baby bathtub, we got Bridget this inexpensive one HERE which took us from newborn to currently (Bridget is 10 months old now).
It's great, and if you're concerned about not being able to gauge the temperature of the water with just your elbow, they sell these bad boys

Bumbo Floor Seat

I thought this would be a great addition to our growing collection of baby items, but it just sits in our daughter's nursery gathering dust. You're little one will grow out of this so quick as well, you're better off putting THIS on your registry

Bottle Sterilizer
This is so gimmicky. Our parents raised us by using good ole' soap and water to clean our bottles. And if you must sterilize you can just boil the nipples and bottles anvoilĂ , they're sterilized!

Hope these helped, and please moms let me know if there's anything else you found unnecessary!


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