Friday, March 24, 2017

Things I wish I'd known during pregnancy

pregnancy secrets, things no one tells you during pregnancy

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I did basically zero educational prepping before my baby arrived. I didn't read any baby books, only attended one birthing class and basically went about my daily business adamantly ignoring my growing stomach.

And when I finally did concede and decided that "yes, this is happening to me"...I skipped all the initial preparation that most pregnant woman go through the first trimester and dove straight into "nesting".

My preparation consisted of washing ALL of my daughter's clothes.
(Kinda wish I hadn't though because half of it I didn't use and it became non returnable)
and that's where I learned my first lesson.

Don't wash all of your babies clothes before you bring your little bundle of joy home

- in fact, hold off on washing even all your newborn clothes. My little one was over 8 lbs and only fit into newborn clothing for about a week and a half.

Don't take the tags off of the clothing until you're ready to use them

I was so guilty of this its not even funny. So many cute little outfits that I never got to put on Bridget because they were too small and I had taken the tags off so I couldn't even exchange them for the next size up.


Don't sit there nodding your head saying "yeah, yeah I've heard it before"....just do them. Do yourself (and your underwear) a favor and do them religiously because postpartum you'll think twice about jumping on a trampoline or going to a comedy show.

Take a "been there, done that" mother with you to register 

I took my girlfriend who had recently had baby #2 with me to register and it was so helpful getting input from her on things she found helpful and more importantly those she thought were junk (don't bother getting a baby wipe warmer, they dry the wipes out and you'll condition your babe to expect a warm wipe on his bum each time..not so fun when you're out and about and your wipes are cold). And if you go with your significant other that's fine too but I'd definitely have a "been there done that" mom take a look at your registry to make sure you didn't overlook something

Request formula samples from Similac, Enfamil and yes, even your doctors office

I knew that I wanted to breast feed but unfortunately Bridget never latched and as much as I pumped and pumped it grew to be too much so we switched to formula and boy was I ever so glad that I hadn't given away those formula samples. Sometimes even the best laid plans don't go to plan.
*Tip. Ask your pediatrician if they give out formula samples, many doctor's offices receive samples from drug representatives

Invest in a couple of bottles and different sized nipples

I know I didn't get to breastfeed but I also know how convenient and helpful it was when I could just pass Bridget to her dad and have him bond with her by giving her a bottle (We've been using Avent bottles and they've worked really well for us). Also that was the perfect time for me to take a quick cat nap. This might fall under the category of  over kill but honestly as I mentioned I planned on breastfeeding and had zero intention of bottle feeding BUT things don't always go as planned and I was so happy to have bottles at the ready

Your breast milk doesn't come in immediately

This was a big one for me, (I'm telling you I was woefully under-informed about all these baby things). There's this stuff called colostrum aka liquid gold. Well let me tell you, if your baby doesn't latch it's very difficult to express manually (and painful). Me and Mr. Pepper were like two lost puppies that day in the hospital, we had a very hangry baby and I could not for the life of me get her to latch or get enough colostrum out to sustain her appetite. Finally after 24 hours of a crying baby I paged my nurse and with tears streaming down my face requested formula. Let me tell you, we slept a solid 2 hours straight after that. Don't let the nurses bully you around and make you feel like a bad mom for requesting formula. I strongly believe in Fed is Best.

Get plenty of sleep and go get a prenatal massage

(or two or three or four). Pamper yourself mama because your life is about to be turned upside down (but in such a great way!)
I got a pedicure and my nails done a few days before I was induced and honestly, even in the middle of labor I remember looking down at my feet and thinking Thank my good sense that I got my toes done

I'm sure I've forgotten many things but these are just a few that I can think of now, any other mamas have any others?? Sound off below

pregnancy secrets, things no one tells you during pregnancy
Feeling good before the contractions began


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