Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day thoughts

field of honor, american flag

Before we head off to a family BBQ I wanted to give a big Mahalo to those who have served, are currently serving, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. If you know me you, you know that I have some pretty close ties with the Navy. I have many family members that have served in our armed forces, including Mr. Pepper and my brother, and my family has also lost people. My grandma lost, not just her little brother in World War II but also a cousin on the USS Arizona battleship. Memorial Day is pretty important, remembering those who's lives were cut so short.

solemn pride that must be yours quote
Love this quote, comes from Abraham Lincoln written to Mrs. Bixby who lost all 5 of her sons during the American civil war, one of the most powerful lines in that letter.

So enjoy today, enjoy the great company you're with and take a moment to say a prayer of thanks to those who have lost their lives in order for us to live ours.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Oh baby hair!

blue eyed baby with a pink headband
The "Headband" look
The first thing people say when they set their eyes on baby B is "look at all that hair!" closely followed by "and those cheeks!"
I love everything about her, how could I not, I'm her mother after all. But I have to confess that doing her hair daily is not a task that I typically look forward to.

baby girl with a pony tail
the "Ponytail"
When it comes to styling hair I don't know the first thing. Other than the very basic very messy braid I can't do much more than that. Growing up my mom would always be yanking my hair into tight scalp pulling french braids, crown braid, cornrows or the ever classic pigtail braids. Braids! Braids! Braids If braids were a Brady, they'd be Marcia.
I was sick of having my hair pulled back so tight that it looked like I'd had a dose of pediatric botox.

baby girl with long hair next to a pinata
rare photo of me with my hair NOT pulled tight, I was around 2 years old that I'm older, maturer, and more refined I can appreciate a great hairstyle. It's a trait I wish I'd picked up.
Poor Bridget, the best I can do is two high ponytails

double pony tail on a little girl
the "double pony tail"
On a good day I can accomplish this! Which ok, I have to give myself some credit because that little girl moves her head a lot! (ps. I use these rubberbands to hold her hair in place)
On the days that Mr. Pepper is watching her she pretty much always looks like this, except for when they go to the market.....

baby girl with lots of hair
the "wild and free" look

...then he goes a little fancy and puts a bow in her hair, like so.

baby girl styled by daddy
the "Daddy Hairstyle"

A few days ago I managed to make two extremely loose braids on her. (Don't worry mom friends, that is an empty alka seltzer box in her hand)

baby girl with a messy braid
the "messy braid"

I've been experimenting with her hair the last couple of weeks, I still have my work cut out for me but it's better than the ragamuffin look.
Does anyone else struggle with baby hair? My friend, the hairdresser has suggested using baby lotion to slick it back, which makes it easier to handle since baby hair tends to be soft and silky. Let me know of any tips down below!
Till next time!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Succulent Monday : how to plant succulents in a flowerpot

how to plant succulents in a flowerpot pinterest

It was such a beautiful day out that I decided to take baby B to Home Depot to pick up some succulents and have a gardening day! I tried to care for a pot of succulents last summer and it turned out horribly, within one week they were dead, and one of them reven grew mold! Ew! I have the least green thumb in the world. I'm pretty notorious for it.

I unfortunately left my phone in my car so I couldn't get photos of all the different succulents they have available there, but there is a wide variety. They're pretty affordable too, I got my pot and 3 succulent plants for under $20

how to plant succulents in a flowerpot

purple and green succulents, rose succulent

In my mind I figured that we'd pick up some of our favorite succulents and just use the dirt from our backyard and we'd be set. Home Depot is about a 5 minute drive from my parents so I impulsively decided to go visit my dad to ask him for some tips.
I am so glad I did because I'm 99.9% sure these would not have survived what I was about to do to them. 
My dad is an outstanding gardener, he has so many potted plants (my mom brings them home and he cares for them) and has a large garden. We are looking forward to Bridget being able to help him in the garden, grandpa's little helper. 
He helped me plant my succulents and was so informative when I had any questions. It made me remember the days when I was a little girl and I'd hang out with him in his garage, he'd be fixing something or other and I'd be out there "helping" him. I don't get to do things like that with my dad anymore, I've got mom duties and a bunch of other things that don't allow me to spend quality time with him, at least not just the 2 of us. 

Here is a step by step on how to replant these succulents in a flowerpot
Things you'll need
Assortment of Succulent Plants
Flowerpot (preferably with a hole at the bottom)
Water bottle

picking the right flowerpot for succulents
creating the perfect succulent mixture mic
You want to mimic where they grew up, so creating porous soil is a must!

creating drainage for succulent plants in flowerpots
This is so all the soil doesn't go into the hole, allows for better drainage. My dad also likes to use pieces of broken flower pots
the perfect soil mixture for succulent plants 

how to get succulents out of their containers

this helps to remove the succulent from its container easily

how to plant succulents in a flowerpot

succulents in a flowerpot

green and purple succulents, rose succulent
 and you're done! Great job! Now aren't you proud of that! I know I am. 

green and purple succulent, rose succulent

having fun as a gardener

Saturday, May 20, 2017

picnic & wine in striped cotton dress

wine tasting picnic

Bridget & her Aunt Kelly

It's been a bit of a hectic week for us, sorry for the very delayed post.

I hope everyone had a lovely mother's day last Sunday. I for one, had a great day. I couldn't of imagined a better way of spending my first Mother's Day with my little girl.

We went to a local winery for a picnic and wine tasting, and we had a great time! I was a little apprehensive going because I wasn't 100% sure what to expect (and now I'm more prepared for next year) but it was so nice to just relax and appreciate little things like the sun shining down on your face while listening to "My Girl" play in the background.
Reminded me of simpler times.
espadrille wedges, striped t shirt dress
espadrille wedges, striped t shirt dress

I love this Gap shift dress, I picked it up at the Gap Outlet a few weeks ago. Wasn't able to find the exact same one but here are some similar ones that I love
This crossback dress is so sweet and I love the simplicity of it. I'm also loving this twist back dress!
Nothing is easier than throwing on a nice cotton dress and some espadrilles to go to a picnic.

These espadrilles have been with me since my pregnancy, they are so incredibly comfortable and low enough that you won't worry about twisting an ankle. I picked them up at TJ Maxx, it's some obscure brand called Calzados Picon. They're made in Spain and they have held up extremely well. I wear them pretty frequently at work. The height is awesome, I feel extremely comfortable juggling a wiggling baby and carrying a car seat in the other hand. These J. Crew wedges are extremely similar in look and height.

Thanks for stopping by!

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